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When Maid-Rite President Don Bernstein established his company back in 1960, he saw a growing need for frozen portion controlled meat products in the food service and retail trade.  Working out of his first small plant, a 3,000 square foot building that consisted of a small holding freezer, blast freezer, cooler and processing area, Don not only ran the operation, he also sold the product and delivered it himself in the firm's single refrigerated truck. 

The addition of 4,000 square feet of freezer space five years later, and another 2,000 square foot processing room in 1968 barely helped keep pace with the company's rapid growth.  As the demand for a fuller product line increased throughout the years, Don responded by adding new products with greater variety to his line. 

As the company continued to grow, more freezer space was added until production reached its maximum.  To accommodate this rapid growth, a new plant was custom built on a 10 acre site in Dunmore, PA.  The new facility, after several expansions, now features a 2,150 foot blast freezer and two holding freezers totaling 18,000 square feet.  The production floor contains the most modern meat processing equipment available, including three Cryogenic Quick nitrogen freezer tunnels.

Today, Don is able to produce over 1,200 different beef, veal, pork, turkey, and chicken products in his ultra-modern facility.  Production is scheduled to meet immediate demand and maintain approximately two-week inventories of all products.  As production continues to increase, Don readies plans for future expansion.

Although Maid-Rite has grown in immense proportions over the the last three decades, Don continues to run his company following the same principles established at its conception.  Commitment to quality and service are number one priorities.

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