Nobody makes processing donated commodities easier than Maid-Rite Specialty Foods! When you divert beef and/or pork to us, we let you order as the school year progresses and as often as you like. This means you can try different menu selections each month, so you�ll never be locked into any one product or faced with expensive outside storage charges. Even last second ordering changes are simple! We offer online ordering of your diverted commodities, using your own private account with You will be assigned a username and password to access your account, so feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Direct delivery to one location of your choice is included in our price*, a service many companies charge extra for and often forget to tell you about! We also have a toll-free customer service hotline where you�ll always reach a dedicated service representative who understands your needs.

Most important, Maid-Rite builds participation with quality products kids really want to eat. You can count on nearly 50 years of Maid-Rite quality, superior taste and value.

* Depending upon which State your school district is located in, our pricing includes delivery to your State assigned warehouse and not to your individual school. For more information, or if you need assistance ordering online, please feel free to contact our Commodity Processing  Department at 1-800-233-4259

We support direct order entry through the K12 System at

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