Maid-Rite Specialty Foods, LLC® is a manufacturer and supplier of fine quality, portion controlled meat products, including quick frozen beef, ground beef, pork, veal, turkey, and chicken products. Our product line includes sandwich steaks, burgers and hamburgers, patties, breaded products, and meatballs. We also carry a complete line of health care and child nutrition items perfectly suited to the food service industry, as well as a complete line of fully cooked products.

It takes more than slicing, chopping, pressing and forming to produce meats that are good enough to earn the title of "The Chosen Frozen®." It takes a commitment to quality from start to finish.

At Maid-Rite, this commitment to quality assures that every one of our over 1,200 portioned meat products is consistently top of the line. It begins with the careful selection, inspection and testing of every cut of fresh meat we purchase, followed by processing in a plant that far exceeds government standards for cleanliness and quality assurance.
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